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Here you'll learn: Who we help, What we do, Our philosophy and Our story.

Who We Help:


We work with parents of 2-10 years old parents to help their children develop Mathematical thinking, problem solving and critical thinking - the most important skills for present and future times. No matter what background or profession they are from: Art, Technology, Music, Marketing, Finance or any other; doesn't matter how busy they are.


These parents sincerely want to be involved in their children's educational journey but lack the time, guidance, structure, system, tools and techniques to contribute positively and spend quality time with them. And because of this, they establish a strong bond with their child and make them emotionally resilient thereby saving them from anxiety and self-esteem related issues which are so rampant nowadays because of a lack of emotional connect with parents.!

What We Do:


We guide these parents to uncover the essential skills in their children just by spending 15-20 minutes of their daily time with children. Doesn't matter whether this time is spent on the dinner table, while commuting to a hobby class, or over a glass of milk for child and coffee for self :) We do this through our training program: Math Over Moments (MoM). Our program aims to integrate math with real life through quality conversations and maximise: understanding, visualisation, joy of learning, and parent-child bonding. Also our program aims to minimise: complexity, time, stress and costs.


Our Philosophy:

"Children learn from parents all the time."

Every parent contributes to their child's learning consciously or unconsciously through their actions and conversations with them and around them. It is parent's responsibility to make a positive contribution to their child's life. Parent's just need right guidance and tools to create a nurturing environment and enhance their quality of conversations to help their child prosper.


To achieve this, we follow a philosophy built on six core principles:

  1. Understanding – Understand each family's unique lifestyle and routine

  2. Focus – Keep content the main thing.

  3. Simplicity – Do more with less.

  4. Discipline – Freedom comes from discipline.

  5. Quality – Make great things people cherish.

  6. Joy – If it’s not fun, you are doing it wrong

Our Story

We are parents of 2 beautiful children (an 11 years old daughter and a 7 years old son) who also happen to be educators. We were already working closely with schools and colleges in India when we decided to embark on the alternate education journey for our children 6 years back in January 2018. The prime reason being the inability of even the best educational institutions to adapt to the needs of the present and future. We ourselves opened a small school along with 5 other families for our children and 8 more of different ages with the intent of providing them a life relevant and future relevant education.

We are so passionate about education, especially Math, that we took up the responsibility of creating a meaningful, effective mix of child-centred and child-led Math curriculum. We continuously observed and worked with children, researched about how children learn, read a lot of books by well-known and unknown authors, Yes it was a lot of hard work... more so, with both of us being professionals and nurturing our 2 children alongside. But the thought of doing it for our children kept us going :)


During the journey, working closely with these children in our school and other associated schools, we realised that Math is the basis of so many essential skills(problem solving, critical thinking) required in these uncertain times and it is also the subject most feared by children. We found out the reasons:

  • There are about 500 missing concepts and logics in K12 Math globally which makes it totally non-relatable to the real life around us and leads to children losing interest in the subject

  • It is abstracted too early for children's understanding

We also realised that Math is a subject so common sensical and innate to human beings that no human can ever be weak in it! But changing education system to ensure every child succeeds at Math is not easy so ONLY parents can help their child excel at Math - Math which is not just calculations but the foundation for Problem Solving and Critical Thinking - The 2 most important skills of the future.

Math, being an intrinsic part of everyone's daily life, every parent knows all the Math that is to be taught to their child. But school books have abstracted it and made it totally unreliable and that's why they just don't know how to support their child's learning. And many of us who try to go beyond school books get lost in the sea of scattered resources on different topics.

Pandemic hit and schools were shut. Parents were panic stricken and stressed about children's education. This gave us the opportunity to help them with resources, tips and tricks to guide their children on their learning journey. We have helped more than 200 parents till now more as a pilot to see whether what we are doing with our children is easily understandable and replicable by them. And the results have been overwhelming :)

In the past few months, we have been able to build a structured curriculum based on MoM framework for parents which in just 12 hours (12 one hour sessions) can help them 

  • Effortlessly integrate Math with their daily life in simple and effective ways which do not require any special Math knowledge than what they already have

  • See genius blossom without putting in hours everyday

  • Build a beautiful bond with their child


In short, if you ask me what we do: We guide parents spend quality time with their children without compromising on their work schedule and create a loving and learning environment at home.


Contacting Us

The best way to contact us is via email –


You can follow us on linkedin - Dr. Garima V Arora, Mausam Arora 

You can join our premium training to know more about how to Uncover Math Genius in your child.

You Can also visit our Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and Refund Policy pages.

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