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The UMG Mastermind

Please Watch Full Video Before Booking The Call

by Dr. Garima V Arora (PhD Mathematics, University of Delhi, Prominent K-12 Educator, Published Author, Lecturer & a Homeschooling Mom) to understand how MoM formula can help you.

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What You Get

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12 Live Online Sessions - ₹60,000

By Dr. Garima V Arora

PhD Mathematics, Professor, K-12 Author & a Homeschooling Mother

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Math Prompts

- ₹3,000

1 Conversation prompt everyday for the full one year

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Community Call

- ₹9000 

Once a month for 1 complete year

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Math Over Moments Ebook - ₹500

Transforming Every Second into a Learning Opportunity

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Recorded Sessions

- ₹5,000

1 year access to recorded sessions

Total Value: ₹78,500
Our Price: ₹22,500 + GST

(For a special Call only Offer)

Dear Parent,

If you aspire to prepare your child for the most important skills for the future while forming a strong bond with them...

Then this course is going to change your life.


I am one of you; and I have faced the exact same fear of being insecure about my children’s future, experienced guilt pangs for not spending enough time with my children or whatever time I spent that went more into giving them instructions rather than helping them learn and forming strong trust & connection. 


I am one of you and I have tried to balance work and life and was once convinced that it is impossible and I need to sacrifice one or the other. Life can’t be perfect.


But then, I had the realisation that balance is not about perfection, but about integration. I discovered that integrating learning into our daily moments could be the ONLY key. And I decided to take it on myself to ensure that no mother has to go through the same ever again!


Drawing from my own and my partner Mausam’s combined extensive background in education; I being a PhD in Mathematics, a lecturer, a seasoned math educator, an author, and a homeschooling mom, and Mausam’s experience in curriculum designing, early childhood education, extensive reading & observation on how children learn,  we developed a deep understanding of the learning process. 


This led us to develop the MoM Formula - Math over Moments - a unique approach that turns everyday interactions into powerful learning experiences, without the need for screens or textbooks.


We started using this pedagogy with our children 6 years back when my daughter was about 6 and my son was about 2 years old, with the idea of understanding whether it actually works or not and the results were overwhelming.

As we journeyed together through the realms of numbers, patterns and conversations in about the next 2 years, I saw a remarkable transformation in my children. They not only grasped mathematical concepts more intuitively but also developed a love for learning that transcended the subject itself. It was really encouraging for me. 

Our daughter who is now 11 years old and is a grade ahead in Mathematics and running a creative venture of her own on Instagram - @beautiful_you_0907 

Our son who is now 7 years old can understand and solve problems on fractions, time, speed, distance, probability which are generally taught in higher grades and has already read the first 5 Harry Potter books and several others and is now reading the sixth one.

This inspired me to share this approach with our mentors who are prominent educationists with the idea of refining it further and sharing it with every parent who is really sincere about helping their child.

After a year or so of fine tuning and refining it further, we decided to help parents around us. Entered parents like Sanah, who herself doesn’t have a background in Mathematics, Shivas who is a busy factory owner and really wanted to spend quality time with his son Aadwik. 

We gave them the MoM Formula. 

Within a month of understanding the concept, they started implementing it with their children, and experienced the power of it. It not only helped them spend good time with their kids but also upped their children’s curiosity and hunger to learn. 


Just like we experienced with our kids, they also started seeing the unlocking of their child’s mathematical and logical thinking, enhanced problem solving skills and creativity, self-confidence while forming a stronger bond with them.

We helped more parents around us and got even more confident of the power of MoM formula and decided to take it to parents globally. 


And now, it’s all yours.

So here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Mindset transformation - Breaking existing belief system and understanding that everyone can do Math and Math’s role in future-critical skills

  • Ways to nurture critical thinking and mathematical intuition in early childhood development

  • Navigating real life's challenges and unlocking the world of problem-solving and logical reasoning.

  • Ways to introduce children to financial literacy & everyday decision making.

  • The backbone of logical thinking and problem-solving, bridging abstract concepts with real-world applications across various disciplines.

  • Concepts crucial for making informed decisions and predictions in our fast-paced, uncertain world.

(For a special Call only Offer)

Check out the Results from our Students

(For a special Call only Offer)

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